Our Animals


Talulah is a pot belly pig, she loves belly rubs and rooting at your toes when she wants to be fed! 


Petunia is also a pot belly pig, she is a little shy compared to Talulah but loves to be talked too. She will talk right back! 

Mina & Opal

Mina is the herd queen of our goats. She is very spunky and loves to be with her little one, Opal. Opal loves to be petted and to follow her mommy wherever she goes!

Bessy & Ellie

Bessy is the life of our herd, she loves to play. You can always find her kid, Ellie right beside of her. While Ellie is several months old now, she still loves to follow her mom around!


Dolly is our sweetheart. She is extremely talkative and the most social of them all!


Payslie is our 4 year old Shih tzu, not exactly your typical farm dog... but she loves to come outside during feed time to visit with the animals! 


Jack is our 4 year old lab mix. He just loves to think that he rules the roost but when it comes down to it... he is just one big energetic pooh bear! 

Sissy the Quarter Horse